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Online personal training review


Online personal training review

“I thought at 51 I would never be able to lose weight and tone up after putting on 2st post smoking. I don’t have time for a conventional gym, I wanted something effective and motivating I can do at home, in my own time and using the equipment I already have and not too expensive. I came across Alex’s web page and actually had an open chat with Alex about my goals and motivation. Alex made me feel excited at the prospect of moving forward, getting fit and toning up at the same time. His regimes are tough and challenging but get results in a realistic manner and are tailor made for each person. To date I’ve lost almost 1 stone and several inches all over my body and still going strong. My strength is far better than it was in my 20s and all thanks to Alex keeping my workouts interesting and challenging. Alex is always available to message and answers promptly if I ever have any problems.”

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