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Congratulations on taking the first step to getting the body and mind you want!

👋Hey, I’m Alex Reader I’m a certified personal trainer with a BSc & MSc in Sport & Health Sciences, and experience within the NHS and fitness industry. 

I have been in this industry for the past 10 years, helping people in person and online. 

I want to work with you to lose fat and make a LASTING change to your lifestyle.

This is only for you if you have…

👉 Tried countless diets

👉 Spent money on shakes & pills

👉 Paid for a gym membership and not used it

BUT are…

👉Ready to commit to changing

👉Ready to ditch dieting

👉Open minded and keen to learn

What results have my clients had?

Fiona C BA - Alex Reader Fitness: Online Personal Training Services

First picture August 2020 second picture February 2021 – 3 stone down, muscle % up, body fat % down. 

Fiona, “I’ve been a yo-yo dieter for 37 years, restricting food, binging, being “on plan and “off plan”, counting syns, points, and all other wonderfully marketed diet regimes and quick fixes. Now I’m sticking with good old habits and routines, no more strict diets and plenty more active days. Liberating”. You can find Fiona on instagram as @mindfit_fiona. 

What's involved?

✅ Initial consultation and on boarding form

  • This provides me with a really good understanding of your current lifestyle. Allowing me to create an action plan 100% specific to you.

✅ Exercise programming

  • This might not be recommended for everyone but for most of my clients we will incorporate exercise in some form. Depending on your goals, this will help you to build strength, tone, fitness and health (including mental health!).

✅ Lifestyle and nutrition recommendations or targets

  • This is often what get’s overlooked with traditional personal training. We will work closely on this to form new good habits that align with your goals. Over time this is what creates a healthy lifestyle. You will adopt a new “normal”, that helps you rather than holds you back.

✅ Weekly 30 minute check-ins

  • One of the greatest elements of this coaching is the weekly check-ins. It dramatically increases accountability, keeping you on track. It also gives us a chance to adapt things based on your every changing lifestyle, goals and progress. Lastly it can also be used to gain knowledge and ask questions on nutrition, exercise & lifestyle.

Other Body Transformations

Personal training before and after
Online Personal Training Transformation
Online Personal Training Transformation
Online Personal Training Transformation
Before and After - M
Alex Reader Fitness: Online Personal Training Services
Online Personal Training Transformation
Before and After- E - Alex Reader Fitness: Online Personal Training Services
Online Personal Training Transformation
Sam Before and after personal training

Other Testimonials

Price and sign up!

I have just one price for this service, allowing everyone to get the best out of coaching. I also don’t want pricing to be a barrier so I have significantly reduced and streamlined my pricing.

Online Personal Coaching
£99/month Usually £130
1 to 1 Weekly check-ins
Personal Exercise Programming
Nutrition Coaching
Mobile App
24/7 Support
Cancel Anytime