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Injuries & Medical Conditions

Fed up of feeling areas of weakness and pain?

running injury, shin splints rehab

As a personal trainer in Exeter, and previously being a GP Exercise Referral Specialist, Rehabilitation Specialist (NHS), ESCAPE Pain Instructor (Arthritis) and Stroke Rehab Instructor I have beyond the normal level of experience with injuries and conditions, compared to other Exeter personal trainers. I have worked with patients with the following in personal training settings, gym settings and community settings.

  • Back Pain

    During my time as a rehab specialist for Royal Devon & Exeter NHS, I was involved running things like the "back fit" classes with MSK Physiotherapists. Also seeing patients one to one for exercise rehab to strengthen the back and supporting muscles to reduce pain.

  • Osteoarthritis (knee, hip, hand)

    At some point we all experience a level of osteoarthritis, and I've helped people with this in various roles as personal trainer and health professional in Exeter. One of the best things we can do to manage pain and function is build strength.

  • Stroke & Cardiac Rehab

    I've helped people recovering from strokes and cardiac events, in mostly an assisting role or longer term rehab. Where exercise plays a vital role in returning to an active life.

  • Post Knee & Hip surgery

    Both Pre & Post operation, are key moments in time to work on strengthening joints and muscles to provide the best outcomes. As a personal trainer and previous rehab specialist I'm in a great position to be able to help with these periods.

  • Sports Injuries

    I come across sporting injuries all the time as a personal trainer in Exeter, but also a strength and conditioning coach for Exeter Trampoline Academy and various individuals in Exeter. Gradual loading with strength based exercise can rapidly improve recovery, the return to sport and the prevention of injury.