Faster and Better Results

Having a personal trainer takes out the guesswork and instantly equips you with the correct training. With a personal trainer you save time and get every bit out of the effort you put in.

Real Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

The most common goals when it comes to fitness are fat loss/weight loss and muscle gain/tone. Balancing these two to speed up your metabolism and burn calories is vital for success. A personal trainer can prescribe what the right exercise for you to achieve your goals.

Reduces Injury Risk

A personal trainer can help you with the proper form and technique for exercises. This will help you stay safe and injury free. Additionally, building strength and mobility throughout your body will reduce day to day injury risks.

Overcome Plateaus

At some point in your exercise routine, you will reach a plateau that sits in the way of your progress. This is often very frustrating, putting in the work with little results. A personal trainer will understand why you might have hit a plateau and figure out ways to overcome it.

Establish Healthy Habits

Working with a personal trainer can help you establish healthy lifestyle habits. Including more frequent exercise and healthier food choices. Part of this often comes naturally once you start your personal training. However, personal trainers can also help overcome obstacles that might be preventing you from reaching your goals.

Increase Energy and Confidence Levels

Increasing your physical activity, getting fitter and healthy often leads to a feeling of increased energy and confidence. This is the impact of both psychological and physiological effects of exercise.

Improved Sleep

The training you do with a personal trainer can lead to improvements in sleep. Exercise increases and decreasing arousal hormones, promoting sleep and alertness at different times.

Stay Motivated

Those seeking fat loss and/or muscle gain will know that motivation is very important and often hinders a lot of people. Having a personal trainer at your side overcomes this and can keep you accountable throughout the week.


One-To-One Personal Training
Whether your looking to lose weight, tone up, build muscle, get stronger, fitter or healthier your goal is my goal. One-to-one personal training sessions are considered the gold standard way to achieve your goals, and rightly so. Having a personal trainer can get you better results and faster. With your goals in mind, I will guide you through every part of your fitness journey, making sure you are getting the most out of the effort you put in. If you’ve only limited time to workout or get in shape I will make sure we get the results efficiently as possible.
One-To-Two Personal Training
If your ready to make a difference and start personal training, but would like to train with a partner, friend or colleague this is a great option.

I will work with both of you within sessions to reach your fitness goals. Working in a pair can often be great for motivation and also reduces the price.

At Alex Reader Fitness I use a multifaceted approach to help people lose weight weight, change appearance and become healthier. All to often I hear stories of people losing weight with some popular weight loss trend. A few weeks later they have regained the weight and wasted money. Most of the time it’s because the diet is simply unsustainable for the long term.

I carefully design a nutritional plan that will help you lose weight or gain muscle and achieve the shape you want.



£100Per month
✔️ 1 Hr Session per week
✔️ Alex Reader Fitness app
✔️ Fitbit integration
✔️ Nutritional advice
✔️ Facebook group
✔️ Cancel anytime


£185Per month
✔️ 2 Hr Sessions per week
✔️ Alex Reader Fitness app
✔️ Fitbit integration
✔️ Nutritional advice
✔️ Facebook group
✔️ Cancel anytime


£250Per month
✔️ 3 Hr Sessions per week
✔️ Alex Reader Fitness app
✔️ Fitbit integration
✔️ Nutritional advice
✔️ Facebook group
✔️ Cancel anytime


Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm UK time.
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