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I recognise that everyone is an individual and can benefits from a bespoke personal training programme to reach their goals.

I help busy professionals in Exeter and online to transform their bodies around their current lifestyles. I get people into the shape they want whilst achieving significant increases in health, fitness and confidence. I use evidenced based strategies, creating custom personal training plans. These results are truly sustainable and life-changing since they are based around your lifestyle and goals. I dispel any fitness and nutrition fads that the fitness industry promotes, putting and end to the confusion.

My background into personal training

I come from a sport science background with a MSc from Exeter University. I research, develop and implement strategies that get high performing results. Although I previously loved working scientifically there’s only marginal gains to be had with elite athletes. As a result I now help us mere mortals as a personal trainer in Exeter to create life-changing outcomes that we are all capable of. I draw on my experience in sport and health sciences and have had great opportunities to apply them to many different people in the real world through jobs I’ve had. I’ve worked with elite sports people, those recovering from injury or physiotherapy (NHS) and the general office worker to the keen gym fanatic.

I’m a business owner and parent that understands the challenges that life brings. Commitments can often get in the way of our health and fitness, but I know methods to make health and exercise a great part of our lives.

With me as your Exeter personal trainer, you will benefit from dedicated one-to-one sessions allowing you to focus on one thing- your results. Starting with an in-depth consultation with one of the best personal trainers in Exeter, I will create a fitness programme specifically tailored to you, considering, your current fitness level, nutritional habits, lifestyle and exercise preferences.


You want to lasting results

It's likely that you have already tried to lose weight and you probably succeeded for a few weeks. You might have even had an Exeter personal trainer. However, a lot of my personal training clients in Exeter have previously lost weight or increased muscle, only to lose it within a few weeks or over the weekend! I work with you to create long lasting results by promoting healthy lifestyle habits and increase your metabolism through structured training.

You want expert guidance

Having an expert personal trainer guide you through your training and nutrition, ensures the hard work you put in is going in the right direction. There's nothing worse than putting in a lot of hard work, to find out later on that you could have been doing things that compliment your goals better. With a personal trainer you don't need to worry about all the conflicting information from "gurus". It's all taken care of, you just need to turn up and work hard and you will see the results.

You Don't like a crowded gym

Training in Exeter's busy gyms can be a very daunting prospect and are often crowded with "posers". With one-to-one personal training you can train in private and build your confidence up, without having to worry.


If you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, then you have come to the right place. I offer one-to-one private and group personal training in Exeter. I will help motivate you to get the results you want, they will help you in achieving a balanced life and a healthier fitter body.


63% of gym memberships go completely unused and 83% of gym members go less than once per week!! You don't get results by paying for something and not showing up. My personal training clients rarely miss sessions as they have to be accountable and are helped with motivation.

Personal Training Prices and Packages

I’m ready are you? 

Perfect for those who are motivated but want some expert guidance and a full programme.
£40 per session
4 sessions per month
Mobile app & full programming
Nutritional advice
24/7 support
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Perfect for those that want extra accountability and more 1:1 sessions.
£32 per session
12 sessions per month
Mobile app & full programming
Nutritional advice
24/7 support
Cancel anytime
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Private Exeter personal trainer studio at Alex Reader Fitness, located within Exeter Trampoline Academy | Free parking | Easily accessible from around Exeter | Good buses and train links around Digby and Sowton

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Online Personal Training Transformation
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Personal Trainer Exeter

If you have ever wanted to be slimmer, more confident, have more energy or improve your physical ability then a personal trainer might work great for you. In addition to delivering an effective exercise programme, guiding and motivating you through it, a personal trainer will consider your lifestyle factors and nutrition that contribute to making your exercise programme even more effective.

I have been an Exeter personal trainer for around 3 years. Before this I have worked in similar roles in gyms, sports teams and the NHS. 

I have many clients that are in different parts of the UK and the world that train with me using online personal training. This can work great wherever you are. Check it out here - online personal trainer

Nope! That’s one of the many great things. Working with a personal trainer is a highly effective way to get fit in the first place. Although athletes and professional sports people often use a personal trainer, it is not necessary to be in great condition to start with. Everyone is unique so have their own personal challenges to overcome, whether it’s running for a bus or running a marathon.

This is dependent on your personal circumstances and goals. If you are a highly motivated individual then one session a week will work well with some additional programming. However, if you struggle to motivate yourself or don't do any other physical activity then 2-4 sessions per week would be best. 

Another benefit of exercising by yourself is that you can wear whatever you like! As long as you are comfortable and are able to move easily, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

You are never too old to benefit from exercising! I have trained clients from 8 years to 94 years old. As we get older, there are changes in our bodies which mean an exercise programme needs to be adapted accordingly. Exercise is vitally important in helping keep good muscle tone as we age. This will greatly help with mobility, strength, balance and endurance.

Yes, you are right. But there's good reason for it. A gym membership won't get you any results if you can't motivate yourself, can't access it around your lifestyle, can't push yourself and can't programme progressive workouts. A personal trainer keeps you accountable and does all the other work for you. It can really be the difference between progressing and moving backwards. You will also learn how to do everything yourself for the future, making it a great investment. 

If you wish to cancel or reschedule a session, we ask for at least 24 hours notice.  A session can be cancelled or rescheduled, however cancellations / rescheduling with less than 24 hours notice will incur the full session fee. This is a standard fitness industry cancellation policy.

Most likely! If you are returning to exercise after a long period of time or have never exercised, you might feel some muscle soreness, especially at the start. However, this is a results of working your muscles in a way you are unaccustomed to, this stimulates growth and progress in fitness. It won't always hurt and if you recover well with good sleep and nutrition you might avoid soreness all together.

To book you can contact me here. Alternatively, you can contact me using my number, 07393995346 or email, When getting in touch it would be great to know your goals and current availability.