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Hi i'm Alex

Like many personal trainers my route into fitness came from a sporting background and a keen interest with human development. I began studying sports and health sciences at the age of 18 and have continued my journey ever since.

My online personal training and local personal training services are a result of years of experience working as a high-level trainer for many athletes combined with my scientific background. I now specialise in creating amazing physical transformations. Using proven strategies for weight loss and muscle development. I employ this in a sustainable way that increases health aspects and builds self-confidence to make life much more enjoyable.

My journey started out with a strong passion for sports sciences. I enjoyed sport but never quite made it to the elite level. High level physical fitness became greatly interesting to me. This set me off to get my First-Class BSc Applied Sports Science degree. During this 3 years of study I also worked as a strength and conditioning coach for a number of teams and athletes on county, national and international stages.

At this point I wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to do career wise. I greatly enjoyed being in the gym setting throughout university as a coach and for my own development. So, I decided to apply for a job in a standard gym where I would be able to work with everyday people trying to reach their own fitness goals. It dawned on me that having an influence on peopleโ€™s lifestyles by helping them become happier with their appearance and health was far more rewarding than the intricacies of helping athletes attain marginal gains.

In today’s society overweight and obesity prevalence is having an impact upon mortality, diseases and importantly everyone’s quality of life. This is well known. However, it strikes me that we have advances in medicine, nutrition and exercise yet things are getting worse. I wanted to really understand this beyond the level of an ordinary personal trainer. So, I obtained a masters of Sport and Health Sciences. Alongside working as gym duty manager, personal trainer and Bootcamp instructor.

With the experience and understanding I have, I’ve developed strategies that get people the bodies they want but also give them confidence and better health for the long term. This is hugely rewarding and empowers people to have a healthier and more successful life.

I truly believe that health is wealth and material things ultimately come and go. Many people are set on the path of increasing weight, poor health, disease, early death and a poor quality of life. My mission is to impact the trajectory of peopleโ€™s lives for the better.
That’s enough about me, best wishes,

Alex Reader BSc, MSc, CSCS

Alex Reader Fitness: Online Personal Training Services
Alex Reader Fitness: Online Personal Training Services
Alex Reader Fitness: Online Personal Training Services
Alex Reader Fitness: Online Personal Training Services
Alex Reader Online Personal Trainer