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Hey, I'm Alex a Personal Trainer In Exeter

I’m on a bit of a mission here, some might say a crusade! To help people prioritise themselves, their health and get in great shape! I know how it feels, and there’s no better feeling than getting results for someone.

Alex Reader Personal Trainer Exeter

More than a personal trainer In Exeter...

My Background

My journey started from a place of low self esteem. I played sport as a kid, but as I grew up I was always physically and mentally weaker than my peers.

I battled with this through school and college. But had my first break through, feeling much stronger and more confident about myself after I joined a local gym. At the time the motivation came from a place of vanity. Looking back I was doing some questionable things in the gym! Bad form, poor exercise programmes and inconsistency all round.

BUT it felt good to be doing things I didn’t think I could. Getting stronger and growing in confidence.

From here I wanted to get the edge, and really understand how to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. So I completed a sports science degree then a masters degree in sport and health sciences at Exeter University. I can’t put into words how much I learnt here. I managed to continually apply this by taking every opportunity to train elite athletes and the general population through my studies.

Fast forward a couple of years and I would open a premium 1:1 personal training studio in Exeter. After gaining gym experience and working as a rehabilitation specialist for the NHS.

So now I get to do what I love and help you. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone level up physical and mentally. Getting in the best shape of your life is a pretty awesome experience all round. Everyone notices it and it transfers to so many different areas.

Who I Work With

I’m fortunate to work with great clients in Exeter as a face to face personal trainer and online who have taken some action and committed to there health.

I’ve worked with pretty much everyone at this point! Which has given me the skills to get results for pretty much anyone.

My current clients are mostly busy professionals, business owners, consultants, health care professionals and parents.

Individuals that understand the importance of exercise and a healthier lifestyle. We work towards goals, holidays, events, challenges, competitions and along the way change habits for ever and get in shape!

My Lifestyle

I’m not amazing or even great at any one area of fitness. I say this because I do a mixture of everything to be overall as fit as I can and enjoy doing so. I lift weights, run, do calisthenics, swim, cycle, surf, climb and walk. This helps me learn new ways of training, and expands my tool box to be able to help you. It also means things stay fresh and enjoyable whilst always having a healthy lifestyle. I want to be fit, live long, live well and be present and capable for my kids and those around me. Fitness helps me to do that! I also love junk food and pizza is my kryptonite!

Everything sucks without good health! Alex BSc, MSc, CSCS

I'm Interested, what are you goals?

There’s never a perfect time, but the best time is to start right now.