Is Juicing Really Good for You?


The issue with dieting in the modern world is that it almost becomes religious. It’s easy to do. Our bodies are so personal that we create an attachment to anything that’s supposed to help us. Not to mention, it can become a social event within your circle of friends or with family. No longer do […]

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How Much Ab Training Do I Need to Get a Six Pack?

six pack abs

A six pack is commonly seen as a sign that you’ve taken time to craft and sculpt your body, taking care with your diet, maintaining dedication with your training and patience with the process. That’s why it’s so annoying when some has a shredded set of abs without trying. This begs the question, how much […]

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6 Simple Exercise to Reduce Middle-Age Aches and Pains

aches and pains

Middle-age creeps up on you quicker than you think. Soon enough, the years of not caring about how your body acts and feels are over and are quickly catching up with you. That back pain you cured with some ibuprofen in your 20s needs to be actually addressed and the shoulder you damaged is giving […]

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What should my macros be?

what should my macros be

What Should My Macros Be?   Tracking your diet isn’t only interesting, but a great way to find out about the foods that you’re eating. Many of us don’t know the amount of calories, fat, carbohydrates, and protein in our meals or the importance of them. Even just tracking your diet for a few weeks […]

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