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Hey, I'm Alex Reader

Like many trainers my route into fitness came from a background of sports and a passion for physical improvement. I started studying sports and health sciences at the age of 18 and have continued my journey ever since.

My online personal training and local personal training services come from years of experience working as a high level trainer for many athletes and my scientific background. As a result I specialise in creating amazing physical and lifestyle transformations. To do this I use proven strategies for weight loss and muscle toning. I do this in a sustainable way that also improves health aspect and builds self confidence making life more enjoyable.


Looking for a real challenge?   Fitness regime gone a bit stale?   Want to see how fit you really are?   Then boy oh boy do I have a challenge for you.   This 300 rep full body workout is no joke. It starts off with the top four main lifts: the squat, bench […]

Losing fat can seem pretty difficult. Everyone ripped, lean, and toned only seems to eat salads and chicken whilst exercising everyday with confusing equipment and intricate workouts. In reality, all it takes is burning more calories than you’re taking in. That makes your workouts extremely important as you need to be burning as many calories […]

Manipulating the temperature of your body can be a great way to aid your performance and recovery, but knowing the difference between the two can make all the difference. Although it might seem like it, simply slapping on a hot or cold pack when you feel a bit of pain might not be the answer […]

Lecter. Vader. Joker. Krueger. Myers. Gluten.   All of these are some of the scariest names in history.   In recent years, somehow gluten has become one of the most fearsome but also confusing words known to man. In 2013, under the “what is…” category for google searches, “what is gluten?” came out at number […]