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Online Personal Training Transformation
Online Personal Training Transformation
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Online Personal Training Transformation
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Online Personal Training Transformation
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Here Is What They Are Saying

"I thought at 51 I would never be able to lose weight and tone up after putting on 2st post smoking. I don’t have time for a conventional gym, I wanted something effective and motivating I can do at home, in my own time and using the equipment I already have and not too expensive. I came across Alex’s web page and actually had an open chat with Alex about my goals and motivation. Alex made me feel excited at the prospect of moving forward, getting fit and toning up at the same time. His regimes are tough and challenging but get results in a realistic manner and are tailor made for each person. To date I’ve lost almost 1 stone and several inches all over my body and still going strong. My strength is far better than it was in my 20s and all thanks to Alex keeping my workouts interesting and challenging. Alex is always available to message and answers promptly if I ever have any problems."


Chloe testimonial

"Alex's well planned and challenging training sessions have made me stronger, slimmer and more energetic, than I have ever been. Really great results"


Online Personal Training Transformation

"From my first monthly programmes Alex assigned I managed to build strength and improve my physique around work and college"


Testimonial Emily

"Since starting my personal training plan with Alex my life has gone from strength to strength. I've lost weight, toned up, and i'm fitter, healthier and happier than I have been in a long time. The results are amazing and I love the new me. Everyone should give it a go."


Eve testimonial

"Alex is the only PT I use due to his wealth of knowledge in fitness and personal training. He has the ability to target my personal goals and succeed with results as Alex doesn't accept bargaining so you're pushed to your fitness limit (In a good way!). I highly recommend training with him as every session I have had has been different and dynamic therefore not boring in the slightest. Finally, whilst planning your session and during he always has your ultimate goal in the forefront of his mind consequently offering tailored training to meet your every fitness need."


"Have been with Alex for a month now, motivation is at an all time high and the results have come on very quickly! Would recommend for anyone looking to get fit and healthy!!"


Online Personal Training Transformation

"Completing Alex's 6 week plan help me to lose weight, tone up and feel much better in my appearance. Additionally, I was able to do a mixture of both home and gym workouts that suited my work schedule. Constant support from Alex made the transformation much easier"


Karen testimonial

"Alex knows exactly how to motivate, encourage and push me to get the best results. I'm not only physically stronger, my health and general well-being have improved since training with him and I can't recommend him highly enough"


testimonial Keane

"I'm really happy with the results I have achieved so far following Alex's programme. I haven't been this physically fit, healthy, or lean in a long time."


Online Personal Training Transformation

"Alex helped me to lose some stubborn belly fat and get in shape in time for my wedding! Using his transformation package I achieved my goals and feel stronger"


testimonial Mary

"I'm really happy with Alex's help. I have lost weight (over a stone) and now eat much healthier. Alex provides great training"


Online Personal Training Results

"Having personal training with Alex and really recommend it, I also feel more motivated now than I did before!"


Roy testimonial

"I've never really enjoyed training, but Alex has tailored and exercise programme for me which is fun and enjoyable. Over such a short period of time I can see results and so can others. I am getting stronger and fitter each week and now I look forward to my training sessions. Thanks Alex for all of your expertise"


testimonial sam

"Exercise featured little in our lives, group sessions holding little appeal, however fitness training with Alex changes that. Delivered in a friendly, relaxed and personable way, Alex adjusts his plans to match our ability and pace, making the "unbelievable" achievable. And in just five weeks results have gone beyond weight and inches lost to improved energy levels, positivity and well-being."


Sean testimonial

"I am a regular client of Alex's and I really enjoy training with him. Sessions are always well structured, fun and challenging to the right amount. My fitness has greatly improved, with noticeable differences in my appearance. I would recommend him if your looking for a personal trainer."


Online Personal Training Results

"I have personal training with Alex, he has given me the motivation to get fit and I'm seeing and feeling results! Highly recommend!"


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