Your comprehensive training and nutrition plan will be fully customised to your circumstances and goals by a knowledgeable trainer.


Online personal training gives you the freedom to train when is most convenient for you and schedule your nutrition around your day.


Your monthly, 6 or 12 week transformation plan will cost a fraction of how much you would pay a personal trainer in person. Additionally, a gym membership isn’t required.


You will have access to around the clock support from me through in app messaging and text, or your preferred means.



The initial consultation allows me to understand your current health, fitness, your goals and lifestyle factors.  This will help me determine your nutritional requirements and optimal training plan. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn more about what I can do for you. The consultation is a informal discussion and a few MOT type forms. This can be done over, phone, skype, text or email.


Using the information from the consultation I will create a fully custom exercise and nutritional plan that fits with your current lifestyle. This will incorporate every aspect of exercise science, in a way that keeps you motivated and gets results in the quickest time achievable. Every workout is meticulously planned alongside the nutritional plan so we can predict your progress and remove any guesswork.


This can be a greatly underestimated resource. Check ins with a experienced personal trainer can really enhance results at a massively discounted price compared to meeting a trainer in person.

Custom Nutrition Plan 

The nutrition plan is specifically designed to your goals, height, weight gender and activity level. Carefully planed so you can either lose weight or gain muscle. Importantly, your food preferences are also taken into account, likes, dislikes and allergies.

Custom Workout Plan

Designed with your individual needs, goals and level of fitness. All aspects of the plan will be suited around your lifestyle and carefully designed to hit your goals. Whether that is weight loss, muscle gain, toning or general fitness and health.

Instructional Videos

Your custom plan is created using my extensive exercise library. With over 7,500 exercises our disposal, all with HD video footage of how to perform them and detailed descriptions.

24/7 Support

24/7 Built-in chat support with Alex using your mobile app. If your out an about and need some quick advice on nutrition or have a question you can instantly send me a message.

Online Personal Training Mobile App

Workout Calendar

All of your workouts are scheduled around your lifestyle including work. This can be seen in advanced using the built in calendar, which can also sync to many normal phone calender’s.

Shopping List

Based on your custom nutrition plan you will automatically get generated a shopping list.

Barcode Scanner

Easily scan the barcode on food packaging using your phones camera. This will transfer all of the nutritional information into your nutrition log.  Saving you time, manually weighing and inputting amounts

Progress Monitoring

Upload your measurements weekly and take optional progress photos. This helps is to track your success and alter plans to your requirements.



£115Per month
17 Spaces available
✔️ Facebook group
✔️ Log your workouts
✔️ Log your nutrition
✔️ Track your progress
✔️ Fitbit integration
✔️ Custom training plan
✔️ Custom meal plan and macros
✔️ 24/7 support
✔️ Plans updated each month
✔️ Cancel anytime


£325Per month
3 Spaces available
✔️ Weekly one to one video check ins
✔️Facebook group
✔️ Log your workouts
✔️ Log your nutrition
✔️ Track your progress
✔️ Fitbit integration
✔️ Custom training plan
✔️ Custom meal plan and macros
✔️ 24/7 support
✔️ Plans updated each month
✔️ Cancel anytime