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How To Speed Up Your Metabolism With Weights

We all know that speeding up the metabolism leads to weight loss – and essentially the results we are all after. However, there is also the fact that bad diet plans can create both hormonal obstructions and dysfunctions, meaning that they can have the opposite effect of weight loss and potentially wreck your metabolism.

So, if you are on a diet and expect it to ‘boost your metabolism’, you may need to re-consider what you are eating – and start focusing on what you are lifting. Speeding up your metabolism can only happen naturally in the gym, and today I am showing you how you can do that easily.

What Is Metabolism And How Can You ‘Boost’ It To Lose Weight?

As we said earlier, boosting your metabolism is the secret to weight loss. But what does metabolism actually mean or relate to?

In a nutshell, metabolism is the amount of energy – in the form of calories – that your body burns during the day. Aside from the gym or the track, your body burns calories when you are walking or even sitting.

However, your metabolism can be ‘boosted’ to burn more calories than the ones you are consuming through food. This difference is what triggers weight loss – and how people lose weight by boosting their metabolism.

So, how to burn more calories?

We say weight training.

Weight Training As The Ideal Activity For Muscle Gains & Weight Loss

You should be lifting weight to be losing weight – as simple as that.

The reason why weight training is great for boosting your metabolism are numerous. Below, we are including some of the most important ones.

It builds muscle mass – When you increase your muscle mass with weight training, you also boost your resting metabolism, which makes your body burn more calories even when you are resting. From bicep curls to weight machines, there are plenty of exercises that will help you bulk up.

It is a cardiovascular exercise – Weight training is a cardiovascular exercise which actually makes the biggest burn of calories. Identical to running, cycling, dancing, swimming or kickboxing, this cardiovascular activity gets your heart rate up and burns more calories.

It focuses on frequency, duration and intensity – For many people, weight training has been the ultimate solution to weight loss because it focuses on frequency, duration and intensity – as the ideal combination for faster weight loss results and continuous progress.

It gradually builds muscle while shredding fat – As you develop your body with weight training and do more exercises, your muscles are getting bigger, and your fat cells are getting smaller. Every training, your body will burn more calories. And if you think about it, one pound of body weight equals 3,500 calories¬† – and that’s a lot to burn, right?

From all of the above facts, it is safe to conclude that weight training is the ideal combination to a boosted metabolism. According to many experts, it is best to do weight training in the morning – not only for the best results, but also because it eliminates the time you have to come up with excuses.

A Final Word

In the end, the misconception that people have about weight training being ‘lifting to bulk up’ is a myth that must be busted. The truth is, proper weight and strength training do the very opposite – form your body by sculpting your muscles and shredding the fat cells from your frame.

As a high-calorie burning exercise, weight training is great for boosting your metabolism as well. So, why not try this workout with a challenging weight at first?

We guarantee you better results than any time before and more calories burned than ever before. And if you are still not sure about the results that will instantly show on your body, just see our Recent Results gallery with all the before-after photos of people just like you.

So, if you are ready…

It’s time to get serious about your health and start your transformation today!

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