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benefits of online personal training

The Benefits of Online Personal Training

Stuck. That’s where most people eventually find themselves after a few months of training by themselves. Stuck in a rut where that they don’t know how to get out of. They’ve tried to shake up their training by adding in new exercises, they’ve stared dialling in their diet only to end up frustrated and tired. Every option they choose just seems to get them nowhere.


This is exactly what personal trainers are for. Think of us as a lighthouse and you’re sailing on the stormy seas of health and fitness. You know where you want to go, you kind of know what you’ve got to do to get there, but no matter how hard you paddle or which route you take, you just can’t make it to land.


Personal trainers offer guidance and advice, expertise and knowledge to get you to where you want to be in not only the most effective way, but the most efficient way, too. This means you’re not wasting time trying and failing with things you’ve read on the internet or a magazine that ‘sound good’. No matter what your age, goal, training history, or current physical status is, a personal trainer can always help.


However, not all personal trainers are created equal. Some pass their exams just fine and then stop learning then and there. They think just because they’ve passed the tests they know everything about health and fitness.


Then you have those who pass their exams and realise how much they don’t know, and so they set off on a journey of trying to understand more and more so their services are even better. These are the personal trainers who not only want to be the best for themselves, but for their clients. They want to create real results as quick as they can to keep their clients satisfied. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being told how much you’ve helped to change someone’s life.


Unfortunately, if you head down to your local gym, the chances of you finding one of these passionate, motivated trainers is going to be slim to none. They’re few and far between. Also, because they have such high expectations of themselves and a thirst for success, they’re not going to be hanging around a Globo gym. They’re going to be trying to reach as many clients as they can to help as many people as they can.


Enter: the world of online personal training.


There are a wide host of benefits from personal training, but an even wider set of benefits from online personal training. Not only can you pick from a variety of personal trainers, but you can find out more about them, too. Online personal training is an ever-expanding area of health and fitness, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits personal training on its own can offer:


  1. Faster Results


So, you know what you want to do, but you don’t quite know how to get there. It’s a common problem that affects almost everyone when they first start trying to change their health and fitness.


Normally, people will begin with a statement of “I want to lose fat” or “I want to lose muscle” and then spend the following 4-6 months hitting the gym without a rigid or proven exercise program. What tends to happen in this scenario is that they end up seeing results for the first two months simply because they’re doing more than they were before, but then the results start to diminish after the two-month mark. The individual then either ramps up their exercise under the belief that more is better, or gives up because they’re too frustrated from hitting the gym with nothing more to show for it.


Personal trainers can get you to where you need to be in the quickest possible time frame. I’m not saying we can add 50lbs of pure muscle or drop 20lbs of pure fat in a couple of weeks, but we can help you reach your goal in a realistic and efficient time frame. No more pounding the treadmill week in week out, feeling exhausted and tired. Now you can hit the gym knowing that what you’re doing actually works.


  1. Better Results


Anyone can lose weight, but losing fat is an entirely different story. Weight can come from bone, muscle, water, or fat, but obviously when you commit to a diet you only want it to come from one of these sources. It’s easy to lose weight from two hour runs every day and living off salad, but if you want this weight to come from the right place, then you need to make sure you’re doing certain things.


This is a big part of personal training. As well as getting you to your goal, we can also take you past it. You might start wanting to lose a little fat from your waist, but what if we could make it just as easy to drop a couple of extra pounds whilst making you stronger at the same time? What if you thought the body you wanted only took a couple of changes, but didn’t realise the true extent to what you need to do? What if we could ignite your passion for a certain sport or exercise, giving you new motivation and an excitement to train? Personal trainers can give you so much more than the results you were after.


  1. Improves Motivation & Keeps You on Track


Everyone hits a wall at some point. The exercises you were doing don’t seem so fun anymore, the food you’re eating becomes bland, and the changes seemed to have slowed down or even stopped altogether. Sometimes it’s none of these things and we just give up. Work is calling for extra hours, family are getting in the way, you’re stressed out, tired, and completely, utterly unmotivated to do another gym session.


It’s easy to let yourself down. We do it all the time. Things we say we want to do but never end up doing, goals we want to reach that we never end up fulfilling. That’s why one of the best ways to keep on track with anything is to let a friend or family member know. We can easily tell ourselves we’re giving up, but it’s a lot harder to tell someone else. It’s also a reason why workout partners are such a good idea because you can’t cancel on a gym session if someone else is counting on you. Nor do you want to see someone else, someone doing the same thing you’re supposed to be doing, get better results than you.


Personal trainers are both of these things wrapped up in one. Yet, they have the added benefit of being extremely knowledgeable in the world of health and fitness. Oh yeah, and you’re giving them money. Who wants to not only fall short of their goals, but lose money at the same time? Our job as a personal trainer is to work out why you’re not motivated and figure out a solution. We understand that life can get in the way, but it doesn’t mean it has to stop you. We work together with you to break through the motivational barrier and keep you on track with your goal.


  1. Bust Through Plateaus


We all hit plateaus at some point. Sometimes no matter what you’re doing you just can’t seem to get that little bit further. You know if you could take one or two steps more, then you’d be able to get back on with steady progress, but this darn plateau is sitting in your way. You’re hitting the gym with lots of energy, you’re pretty sure you’re doing the right exercises, and your diet has never been more on point, but nothing seems to make a differences.


A knowledgeable personal trainer with a long history of clients will know exactly what to do. Because of their extensive experience, there’s a high chance they would have encountered this exact problem before or at least something similar. We can then work with you to better understand why this plateau has occurred, not just to get through it this time, but to prevent further plateaus from arising in the future.



So, those are just some of the benefits you can find from hiring a personal trainer. Now, let’s have a look at some of the additional benefits that you can gain from online personal training.


  1. More Frequent Contact & Support


One of the biggest restraints of a normal personal trainer is that they’re only yours for the time you’re in the gym. That hour you’re in the gym then they’re all hours, but as soon as the clock strikes, then they’re onto their next client.


Online personal training means you have contact and support whenever you want, we’re just an email away. Whatever you need, whenever you need, you can fire us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Unlike regular personal trainers, online personal trainers are not constrained by their client list. Just because we’re helping 10 people doesn’t mean we ignore any of them to focus on the other. Everyone gets equal attention when they want it.


  1. Freedom with Your Time


Once again, because regular personal trainers might be training multiple clients in a day you’re going to have to work into their schedule. If you can only get to the gym between 5 and 6 and they’re always fully booked at this time, then there’s nothing you can do.


Online personal trainers are available when you need it. We’ll design your program, help you understand how to do it, and then everything else is on your terms. If you fancy hitting the gym a little earlier or later than normal, then so be it. If you want to stay a little longer or get a phone call in the middle of your workout, then you don’t need to worry. The only time you’re working on is your own, and that gives you ultimate freedom.


  1. Freedom to Choose Who You Want


You might only have the option from a 2 or 3 personal trainers in your normal gym. In fact, many don’t give you the option and simply assign you to the one who’s on shift. This means you’re having to compromise on quality and results just because of your location.


Sometimes the gym trainer actually changes depending on when you come in. So, not only do you have a reduced list of options, but there’s no consistency. The last trainer might not have told the trainer you have today what you did or any of the things you want to do or any of the injuries you have. Not good.


Imagine if you could only ever choose clothes from one small shop. They might not have your size or the colours that suit you or the style you normally wear.


The world of online personal training is the same as online shopping.


You can pick the exact shop you want that suits your needs. You have absolute freedom to research the quality, understand more about the trainer themselves, and take a look at their results. Online personal trainers can’t rely on their location to draw people in, they have to have proven results and client testimonials. Without the results to show for their work, who’s going to pick them? Online personal training gives you that extra degree of freedom to make sure you’re absolutely comfortable and happy with your choice.


  1. Affordability


Taking into account all of the benefits you get from online personal training, choosing a personal trainer on the internet is far more cost-effective.


As online personal trainers aren’t as restricted with their time, they can take on more clients and therefore, keep their costs down. However, if you can only take on 5 clients in a day, then it makes sense that you’re going to charge them as much as you can to get the most amount of money from that day.


Especially if these people have no choice but to go with you because you’re in the area. There’s far less competition so all they need to be is slightly good, they don’t have the same competition as online. The amount of online personal trainers forces the quality to be higher and the costs to be lower. Yet, in person personal trainers don’t have this type of worry.


The average cost of an hour with a personal trainer is £50 whereas I’m offering 3 full months, that’s 12 weeks of training and nutrition plans with weekly check-ins and constant email and phone support for £70 a month. To get that service in person you’d be paying 4, 5 or even 6 times as much. Online personal trainers don’t just give you a better service, but they save you money.



Looking to find out more about online personal training? Find out about all of my previous clients as well as more information on my online personal training services right here. Or book a free consultation here.

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